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About Mport

Mport Group is the premier North American importer of global performance brands. Located near Detroit, MI, Mport Group offers foreign manufacturers a centrally located importing hub that provides immediate access to an established wholesale distribution network, placing your brand on the shelves of dealers, installers, and retailers nationwide.

An experienced team of performance aftermarket specialists position and support your brand in North America with all operational, data, technical and customer service, sales, and marketing efforts.

Interested in becoming a distributor of the brands we import? Contact us at for more information, or to learn how we can help grow your business. Let us help your business succeed.

OUR Story

 We started our journey in 2004 with just one brand and a limited territory east of the Mississippi. At that time, we had just one employee and sold exclusively to one distributor. In the following years we operated as a department inside the distribution company and learned our way. One employee became two and quickly increased in size. In 2014 we had the resources and a solid understanding of importing brands and decided more focus was needed. It was time to start our own company. 

Mport was born February of 2015. We contracted our own building and graciously separated from our long-term distribution partner. Our future is open and exciting and we are happy to be involved with all of our current partners. Our goal is to provide the best opportunities for your company, along with unlimited personal interaction so we can all reach our dreams.

Brian Patrias

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James Elmore

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